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Above kitchen cabinets decoration ideas for any kitchen

Perhaps you have thought about what to do with that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets? We have collected 5 bright solutions for fashionable storage and simple decor.


Safe and Sound

While you’re putting them up there, it might seem chilling, but by keeping things that are breakable above the kitchen cabinet, you can keep them away from small hands. Here, stunning glass jars add a personal touch to the kitchen and are stored out of harm’s way.

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Chalk It Up

Coloured baskets with chalkboard labels are a very good approach to take, to keep knickknacks in their own place but never out of mind. Visit A "TimeforEverything" to see how mini chalkboards and also a few cans of spray paint can make the perfect kitchen storage solution for you.

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Country Charm

This adorable country kitchen makes the the majority of the space above the kitchen cabinets with a classic watering can and brilliant metal sign. Creamy cabinets and dishware that is unbiased keep the space from looking too cluttered.

Visibly Organized

As seen on A Beautiful Wreck cute alloy baskets line the very top of the beautiful kitchen cabinet. The baskets not only allow it to be super simple to see what’s up there, but in addition they keep everything organized and neat.

Well-Lit Display

In this enchanting kitchen, accessories pottery and seldom used serving ware are kept safe above a lovely cupboard with glass doors. The warm, neutral shade of the walls and cupboards and superb lighting help keep everything above the cupboard in sight and in mind.

Colorful Collection

Without taking up additional counter space to set a set on display, contemplate filling the space over the cabinets up. The Asian vases featured in this cheery kitchen add a fun accent in an unexpected place.

Green Thumb

Add life to your kitchen by putting a few potted plants above the cabinets. And if the cupboards are excessively high to comfortably water the plants imitation varieties can provide a feeling of happiness and health to the residence.


Ideas for storage in small kitchens

Get Creative With Cabinets

Inspired by a vintage printer's desk, Monica Bhargava had the cupboards in her California kitchen made to look like drawers.

Try a Etagere for Added Height

An open shelving unit adds more storage, but doesn't take up visual – space or too much floor –. A vintage étagère placed on the counter of Mary Jo Bochner's Savannah, Georgia, kitchen bowls and supports publications.

Repurpose Office Supplies

Excessive office organizers are perfect for keeping cleaning equipment and plants that are smallish, particularly next to the sink.

Zone Off a Small Space

From the living space with folding doors, the kitchen is camouflaged in designer Bill Brockschmidt's 640-square foot apartment. "We may also close off the dining room from the kitchen with pocket doors, so that once guests have arrived, we can open up the kitchen for cooking," Brockschmidt says.

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Upcycle Wooden Boxes

Old wooden Champagne cases are the perfect size for keeping small kitchen accessories like tea like tea. Add gift wrap or a brilliant wallpaper to the back for an easy pop of cheer.

Add an Antique Piece

Designer Samantha Lyman needed to give a new California kitchen some historical pieces like this antique armoire. It was initially just 12 inches deep in – not big enough for large platters and bowls that are huge. So Lyman set it in the cabinetry to provide more depth to it. The cabinet maker removed the back and widened it to 26 inches in. Subsequently, the interior was painted a darker colour to conceal the difference by Lyman.

Add Cabinets Above the Window

Let light in and keep unused gadgets in miniature row of cupboards.

Add a Crockery Drawer

"Crockery drawers mean you're not on your toes, striving to reach a pile of heavy china," Julie Stevenson says of her slick, streamlined kitchen designed by Alexander Adducci in Lake Bluff, Illinois. The drawers are outfitted with movable pegs so that it's easy to accommodate various size dishes.

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Kitchen organization ideas on a budget for small kitchens

Contain Lids

The tops neatly accumulate to various pots and pans.

Stash Like Items Together

Keep plastic bags and wrap together in a drawer close to the refrigerator to produce quick work of storing leftovers away.

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Think Double-Duty

For no-fuss buffet service, current cutlery to guests in mugs or small pitchers.

Stash Items Over-the-Door

Stash pantry things in the see through pockets of an over-the-door organizer to essentially eliminate hunt time.

Install Shelf Organizers

Sliding shelf organizers make frequently used tools simple to access.

Give Cookbooks Space

Cookbooks are great on open shelves, so long as they're not exposed to grease and humidity from the refrigerator or cooker.


Stow Tools Efficiently

Stow vital tools together within easy reach of your cooking place for efficient food prep.

Color-Code Kitchenware

When like pots and pans double as artwork -coloured kitchenware is put on display.

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TOP 10 - 2017 Kitchen ideas design

Opt for Architectural Lines

Sometimes a touch of modern architecture is all you should update your look. Kohler's Purist faucet line has a minimalist profile, a 360-degree swivel spout, lever handles, and high clearance for pots and pans. All finishes are complementary to a neutral palette: Polished Chrome (shown), Vibrant Polished Nickel, Matte Black and Vibrant Stainless.

Choose Bold Fixtures

Bold colour is not the only means to create excitement. Kitchen designers used these outsized light fixtures with black fabric shades from Tech Lighting to add some wow: "They Are about 2 feet in diameter and are somewhat bigger than you would anticipate for the space," she says. "But they give a great awareness of depth perception and create drama in a room with a typical low ceiling." The lavish cabinets are Poggenpohl's Marsh Oak Veneer with a rich near-black blot.